11th edition
April 26th-28th 2014

Galmun 2014 Conference Schedule

The schedule for this year's edition of the Galmun conference has been posted!
Three days of unforgettable experiences are awaiting you, so go ahead and check it!

Galmun 2014 Schedule


Delegate's kit

The "How to Be a Good Delegate" guide for the Galmun 2014 conference, as well as a resolution sample, has been uploaded!

All delegates are encouraged to consult these documents before the start of the conference, as they will in this way gain a much better understading of the way a Galmun conference works and how they can improve their chances of standing out over the course of the conference.

Access the delegate's kit!

Unexpected Issues

Due to some official procedures that could not be completed successfully, our conference can no longer begin on April 25th.

Instead, Galmun will take place between April 26th and April 28th. We apologize for this change of plans and we hope it will not cause any serious inconvenience.