Welcome to GALMUN 2018!

This is the official webpage for the Galati Model United Nations 2018. Everything you need to know, analyse and understand before the conference begins will ultimately be here.

  • GalMUN 2018 will take place from the 19th to the 22nd of April.
  • You can apply between the 5th of February and the 5th of March through your MyMun account.
  • Attending the conference is free of charge. Please keep in mind that services such as the Delegate Kit*, coffee breaks, lunch and social events are optional and may require additional funding, the amount of which will be calculated once registration closes. You will be informed of this by your chairs if you are admitted to the conference.
  • You need to accept our Terms and Conditions before you begin applying to GalMUN 2018.
  • Please be serious about your application as we do not take kindly to acts of mockery.
  • We respond on all social media platforms. If you have a question, go to the CONTACT page for more information.


*Delegate Kit

A delegate kit is an essential component of the logistical preparation for a conference. It is a package of information and logistical necessities required by a delegate and while the only essentials are a conference schedule, chit pads and pens, we seek to improve their delegates’ experiences by providing materials like:

I. Official information (usually given in the form of a Handbook) – A summary of the ground rules that the delegates must observe while at the conference – A schedule of proceedings of the conference – A summary of the Rules of Procedure that are going to be followed at the conference – Information about the Secretariat and the Organising committee as well as the General Staff and Bureau – Information about the committees to be simulated as well their agenda topics – Other necessary information like venue for lunch, socials, washrooms etc.

II. Documents – United Nations Charter – Other committee specific documents like the Statue of the IAEA, Universal Declaration of Human Rights etc. – Other printed material relating to the committee or agenda (if available) like the Human Development Reports, UNDP Country Reports etc.

III. Stationery and other logistical requirements РNotepads, blank sheets and copies for taking notes РChit-pads for writing and sending chits РPens, pencils and other requisite stationery РIdentity cards for delegates mentioning their country’s name and flag РPlacards and country flags.



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