Does anybody remember your childhood dreamlike, chocolate beau, Willy Wonka and his magic Golden Ticket? He intimately stressed the fact that he is fiction, but we, at Galmun 2018, decided to make some dreams come true. No, unfortunately no chocolate fountains pouring in the hallway, but a Golden Ticket.


And what is that exactly? The (one and only) Golden Ticket allows you to join GalMUN 2018 by choosing your favourite committee to take part in without registering for application. You can buy as many entry tickets as you please! Expect a new raving raffle in February. Do not miss the chance to be the next Charlie at our own making MUN Factory. May the luckiest future-to-be-delegate win!

*You can purchase a ticket from any chair from CNVA. The date will be announced soon.

For more details, go to our CONTACT page.